A great boss is enmeshed in the bureaucracy

Un grand patron empêtré dans la bureaucratie

The big boss of the CHSLD Villa Val of trees denounces the slowness of the bureaucratic machine.

He believes that there is need of more efficient tools to identify cases and deaths related to the COVID-19.

In a letter sent to the government and obtained by our Office of investigation, Pierre Bélanger describes the intricacies of the administration of the integrated Centre of health and social services (CISSS) of Laval.

“The communication channels are not going well and the machine is huge,” said Mr. Bélanger, contacted for comment on the situation.

The company over which he presides manages the different estates, including that of Laval, where 41 patients who died were “forgotten” for over a month in the official lists which have been disseminated by the government.


He said that his organization has always informed the authorities of the CISSS of Laval the count of deaths, either by email or by phone.

But it took that one of the managers of Pierre Bélanger sends the 41 death certificates by fax on a Saturday morning for the death to be finally recognized in Québec.

Pierre Bélanger also denounces the fact that the department of public health has not made any follow-up for more than a month to know the situation of the deaths due to the COVID-19.

Autopsy of the 41 forgotten of a CHSLD de Laval

The direction of the CHSLD private Val Trees, in Laval, where 41 people of the COVID-19 had been forgotten, said to have informed the authorities. However it was not the sending of faxes so that they are eventually added to the official toll.


  • A first death is recorded. The responsible of the prevention of the infections of the CISSS, Mariana Bearded-Hen, is informed.


  • A table it is created in order to identify cases of COVID-19 and death. It will be updated in real time and shared with Ms. Bearded-Hen by e-mail.


  • The Villa Val des Trees received an email from the CISSS de Laval on the procedures to be followed in the event of death. The same day, the director informs the CISSS that the list of cases COVID-19 in NURSING homes is wrong.


  • Mass screening of the COVID-19. A total of 65 employees and 70 patients.


  • Mariana Barbu-Hen shares with the director of nursing the table is updated with the cases of patients declared positive.

From 23 APRIL to 3 MAY

  • Several emails are sent to Ms. Bearded-Hen, informing him of the death of patients.

MAY 13,

  • The file that is shared continues to be fed with the number of deaths, the date of death and the results of tests of patients.

MAY 20,

  • The list of government reports 15 deaths in Val of Trees. A journalist of Radio-Canada contacted the hotel and learns that there are many more deaths.

MAY 21,

  • After the report, a nurse from the public health branch of Laval communicates for the first time with the CHSLD. There were 53 deaths.

MAY 23,

  • After discussion with the CISSS, a manager of CHSLD sends the death certificates by fax. The balance was then to 56 people.

MAY 25,

  • François Legault announces 85 deaths, of which nearly half are older than a week. It is the death that occurred in Val of trees since a month and a half.

Source : Extracts from a letter addressed by the president of Mandala Health, Pierre Bélanger, in the direction of the CISSS de Laval, with a copy to the minister of Health, the minister of Elders, and the prime minister François Legault.

Residence Heritage Tea

11 death surprises

The direction of the Residence, Heritage, Plateau Montreal has been surprised at the number of deaths of the COVID-19 go from 0 to 11 in these last days.

However, internally, the residence note only five deaths since the month of march. “It is a figure impossible “, said the hr manager of the establishment, Nadine Lapierre.

According to her, all the deaths have occurred outside of the residence, either at the hospital or in NURSING homes.

Nadine Lapierre is an assumption that there could be a confusion with the resource intermediary that manages his organization, and where there are now 13 deaths.

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