A great successful return to Lady Gaga

Un grand retour réussi pour Lady Gaga

Fans of Lady Gaga waiting for his new album with impatience. Launched Friday, this Chromatica launches a message that is undeniable : Lady Gaga is back. And it is in great shape.

No, Lady Gaga was not missing. We saw it on the big screen, even on stage at the Oscars, and has been heard flirting with the country and folk in recent years. But the popstar innate, it was made much more discreet lately.

In fact, the singer was abruptly detached from the kind that was revealed after the release of the misunderstood Artpop in 2013. So yes, Chromatica is a return in good and due form for the Mother Monster.

Candy pop

Chromatica, it is a candy pop that we take a great pleasure to unwrap, to savor piece by piece. Of course, the extracts Stupid Love and Rain on Me (duet with Ariana Grande) will provoke the most vehement reactions among the fans who will provide a first ear. But these hits, as successful as they are, do not overshadow totally parts such as Fun Tonight, Plastic Doll , or even Replay that would be as good on the charts.

In short, the result is exciting, mind-blowing and effervescent as one could wish. Nevertheless, we constantly feel that Lady Gaga would have been able to push the performance further, the refine for to the Chromatica a new cornerstone in the world of pop, as has been The Fame.

More generic

As the singer delivers an album more consensual, and sometimes more generic than what it has accustomed us. It’s hard on several parts to identify the signature unique to Lady Gaga, this character is easily recognizable for its voice and its harmonies.

Anyway, it is undeniable that the singer wins again with an album that will play in the headphones of music lovers throughout the summer.


★★★ ½

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