A great sun : “Johanna imagined that his future was with Ludo,” said Aurore Delplace

Un si grand soleil : "Johanna imaginait que son avenir était avec Ludo", avoue Aurore Delplace

A great sun : is there still a chance for Ludo and Johanna ? Aurore Delplace answers

Johanna is faced with a tough choice in such A big sun, on France 2 : a divorce from Christopher, her husband sick, or get in a relationship with her lover Ludo. For the moment, it seems to be in a bad way for the lawyer and the accomplice of Lucille, but is there still a chance for their story ? Aurore Delplace answers.

The love stories are becoming more complex in such A large sun. While Manu is in love with Elsa (Julie Baker), sought by the police for robbery, Lucille, she begins to realize she has feelings for Ludo : “Lucille has a lot of ego and is too proud to admit this kind of thing, because this is not nothing to say that it was cracked for a friend, “said Naïma Rodric. Only one small problem : his colleague and friend is in love with a married woman.

“She still loves her husband, Christopher”

Ludo has also canceled his trip Pentagonie with Lucille for Johanna. And while the lawyer was in the process of announcing her desire to divorce her husband Christopher, this latter has been the victim of a heart attack. His condition was even deteriorating, his health problems back all in question for Johanna : “She’s really fallen in love with Ludo, but she still loves her husband Christophe (…) She can not let go of a person that she loves, for ten years. She imagined 1000% that his future was with Ludo, “says Aurore Delplace interview with toutelatele.

The actress then explained : “She does not want that he (Christopher bowman) is left to die. Johanna will sacrifice his history with Ludo for Christophe. She can’t abandon her husband…” Little chance remains, therefore, possible to Ludo (Folco Marchi) and Johanna, but the big question remains : who is the father of the baby of the pretty blonde ? Response in the coming episodes of A great sun on France 2.

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