A great sun : Julie Baker (Elsa) she will stay in the series ? His response

Un si grand soleil : Julie Boulanger (Elsa) va-t-elle rester dans la série ? Sa réponse

A great sun : Julie Baker (Elsa) she will stay in the series ? His response

Arrival in such A big sun, on France 2, September 10, 2019, Julie Baker has quickly seduced the viewers. The latter wonder also if the performer of Elsa is going to stay a little longer in the series or if it will soon be absent. The actress, who revealed in Under the sun, responds to the famous question.

After Cut, Julie Baker saw not resume a role in a series : she has changed her mind between time since she had agreed to play Elsa in A great sun on France 2. For more than a month, the actress is seen in the skin of this character badass and wild that it happens that misfortunes. The evidence, his plan to avenge his brother Frank has gone wrong since his accomplice Marion was killed in front of his eyes. Elsa has had no other choice than to flee and give up Manu, the cop that she was starting to fall in love.

“I say to myself that it would be good as it lasts longer,”

These two should especially not fall in love, “says Julie Baker to Tv Star before stating that they “are going to experience something a little yoked” : “I find that the confrontation between these two characters works super-well.” The couple Manu and Elsa is very pleasing to the viewers who are wondering how did the collab between Moses Santamaria (Manu) and the ex-actress Under the sun : “It is not easy to tame, but I found the front door because we followed the same training all the two and that one is very organic in the way we work, “said Julie Baker.

The real question that arises is : Elsa will she stay a long time in A great sun ? The answer is : “I have not signed for it initially, but I have to confess that since I am here, I tell myself that it would be good that it lasts longer.” The production of the series of France 2 may decide to extend his contract who knows… to be continued !

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