A growing general

A general on the rise


The Anaheim Ducks have drawn from the QMJHL yard for their first three selections in the last NHL Draft. If all three players develop as expected, they will have hit a home run. Among them is defender Tristan Luneau, who is having a remarkable season.  

He is the defensive general of the Gatineau Olympiques. His statistics show it well with a harvest of 67 points in 56 games. Luneau is the leader among defenders on the Courteau circuit. 

He has an excellent differential of +38. 

“It's going well, but I have the chance to play with a very good team, explained Tristan Luneau during an interview with Le Journal de Montréal. In addition, we acquired excellent players during the transaction period. »

« When you play with good players, the game becomes easier. »

Undeniable qualities

His head coach, Louis Robitaille, said he was impressed by his player's potential on and off the ice. 

“He is having an incredible season,” he said. underline. He is a young man with constant progress since he has been with us.

“It really grows over 200 feet. He is the general of our numerical advantage and he collects his share of points. He is also the one who faces the best opposing trios and who will play big minutes.

“He is a leader for us and he wants to win. He is a role model for his teammates. He is an ultimate competitor. He wants challenges. The bigger the stage, the better. He's a hockey student.

Does Luneau have things to improve?

“I would say the management of his game, added Robitaille. On the other hand, I really like how he behaves, and he is effective on offense. »


Luneau is playing more relaxed compared to last year. His draft year was strewn with pitfalls. Surgery to repair an old broken knee slowed him down in the first half of the season. clarified Luneau. This injury did not come at an optimal time. 

“In that time, you follow the process and you have to trust the people around you. It's not something that prevented me from playing, but that forced me to modify my off-ice training. I pushed through pain that lasted five years. »

Luneau had his first professional camp with the Anaheim Ducks at the start of the season. 

A profitable experience

< p> “It was nice to see the difference between the levels, explained the 19-year-old Trifluvien. The game is not played the same way. It took me a while to find my bearings in junior. 

“What I noticed the most was the execution. This is what makes the game faster. There are far fewer errors in the junior. “

During his camp with the Ducks, he was able to rub shoulders with veterans like Cam Fowler. 

“The main lesson I learned was not to be afraid of attack me. If I see an opportunity, I don't have to hang back to see what will happen.

“I already had an attacking style of play, but now I'm trying to take it to another level. »