A gym very well known closes its doors by surprise

Un gym très connu ferme ses portes par surprise

While most gyms in the city resume their activities this week, one of the fitness centers the most well-known of Montreal announced its closure, much to the surprise of its subscribers, who now demand to be reimbursed.

Eager to resume their good habits after three months of confinement, members of the Fit For Life finally had closed doors Monday morning.

“Unfortunately, after more than 20 years of activity, the financial pressure caused by the pandemic, as well as the challenges and costs necessary for the implementation of the new rules of operation, we have forced [sic] to make the difficult decision to permanently close our doors”, then indicated the direction of the establishment in the early evening on his page Facebook.

Nothing in the message made no mention of any kind of refund or compensation for the subscribers. Quickly, users were asked questions, but since, the page Facebook of the Fit For Life has disappeared from the canvas.

“Nobody knows what happened. The phone has been disconnected also. I had 16 sessions with a trainer at$ 45 a session. It made a lot of money!” denounced Geneviève Rochon.

Some have lost even more money, testified that Ms. Rochon, who is in touch with several former clients of the location on social networks.

“There are those who just buy a 30 sessions. It’s been more than a$ 1000!” says the one who trained for three years at the legendary gym, open 24 hours, boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Gym “low cost”

Ironically, it was the price extremely competitive for the Fit For Life which had seduced at the time.

Like Econofitness of this world, the Fit For Life was part of these training centres, which offer subscriptions at very affordable rates, but only for long periods of time.

Several decided to pay the invoice in a single payment, remembers Geneviève Rochon. At Fit For Life, it was not uncommon to pay for the year, or even for the next two years.

“It is important to know that with this kind of discount, you take a risk. I would never recommend to pay for a service to later. It is necessary to remember that the one who has the big end of the stick between the customer and the merchant, it is always the one who has the money in his pocket,” commented Marc-André Lacombe, a lawyer in civil law who has a habit of bankruptcy.

Unlikely to be reimbursed

A paper placed in the last few days on the door’s Fit For Life by a trustee confirms that the company is indeed bankrupt.

In this case, Me Lacombe considers that the subscribers would be very difficult to revise the colour of their money.

Even if a clause stipulates that on the subscription that the institution agrees to repay a sum in the event of closure, it is not worth much when we’re talking about a bankruptcy.

“People can put themselves on the list of creditors, but they will not be priority creditors. They will go in last. In addition, all class actions are suspended in the event of bankruptcy. Anyway, the defendant is insolvent”, detailed the lawyer.

It has not been possible to speak Saturday at the owner of Fit For Life, Fabio Caporusso. The QMI Agency has, however, managed to speak with former employees. They said not to have been advised of the closure prior to the announcement of Monday. Nobody had knowledge that the company experiencing financial difficulties.

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