A habit far from being rooted

Une habitude loin d’être ancrée

“Madame, have you a mask ?” or ” Would need to wear the mask, sir ! “: these sentences have echoed every 20 minutes to a convenience store in the South Shore, where The Newspaper was an afternoon spent watching the customers who entered into it.

Even if the vast majority of customers accept it without flinching for a week, wearing a mask seems to be still far from being a habit.

About one customer in 10 had forgotten about it, or rather around the neck.

“Most [customers] are understanding. This is more a question of forgetting. I think that people don’t want so much not to put that they do it on purpose to forget. But there has been no problems, no lack of respect, ” explains Louis-Pascal Ferraro, manager of Depanneur Nobert in Longueuil, which belongs to his father.

The young man of 19 years was afraid of having to play to the police or to call for customers recalcitrant. “We expected worse,” he breathed.

In several shops like hers, ensuring that clients obey the new health rules is the responsibility of adolescents.

More mature than them

“Some customers are like “no, me I don’t wear a mask”, note to the clerk Raphael Raymond Allaire. You do just have to be more mature than them and they will eventually understand, or they go in another store “, said one who is also 19 years old.

For about five hours in the convenience store, The Newspaper was able to observe four types of customers to monitor.

  • Those who enter without a mask, but who return to their car to find the one that they have forgotten. “I have one in my tank,” says a client into making a half-turn ;
  • Those who enter without a mask, but who realize their mistake and in order to provide to the trade. “Ah !” exclaims a client by putting their hands up in the air, but quickly, a clerk was quick to provide him with a mask ;
  • Those who have a mask, but wear it under the chin, and sometimes under the nose, and that must be called to order. “Would need to wear the mask, sir,” requires a clerk to a customer who kept his mask around the neck ;
  • Finally, there are those who do not have a mask and are trying quietly, but without success, to pass unnoticed. “Miss, is that you have a mask ? This is really important. We don’t let people enter without a mask, ” said a clerk to a client who was trying to sneak in the aisles.


There is also the client resourceful, which made his races shirtless, because he was using his tank as cover face, having forgotten to bring a mask with him.

“The habit is not yet back to school […] I didn’t have it on me, I’ve tried something,” laughed the man who has preferred to conceal his identity.

As well shops, the convenience store Nobert has spent about $ 6000 to protect themselves from the COVID-19.

Plexiglas panels, large amount of hand sanitizer for the customers and the employees, and then masks to avoid losing a sale to a customer who would not have his.


André Côté, 78 years of age, wears the mask around to protect his wife’s fragile health, as he was worried about the dark consequences if she was to contract the virus.

“Me, I have my wife who is hypothecated cursed,” explained in a straightforward André Side. No question for this elder was 78 years old to take the slightest chance.

“As soon as I get home, I wash my hands also,” he continued, adding that he has several masks in his car to avoid running out of it.

“This is special “, he breathed, however, as to this new standard, which forces shopping to be hidden.

For his part, Jonathan Couture believes that it is by looking at the other than the habit of wearing the mask begins to grow.

“The collective effort of see all the people who wear the mask, you get out of your car and you see someone who has her own and reminds you to get out yours,” said the milf.

“I have a mask and machine washable and a few disposable masks in a back-up , “he says, even if it has haste as the COVID-19 is more than a bad memory.


Nicole Side did not hesitate to return to her home pick up the mask that she had forgotten. It will keep from now on in his car to always have.

It is just before entering the convenience store Nobert Nicole Side has realized his forgetfulness. “But I went back home [to get my mask]. There is no problem, it is necessary to do that, ” says the resident of Longueuil.

Working in the retail trade, she spends her days with a mask and a visor to the face to protect it from the COVID-19, because she is afraid of contracting the coronavirus.

However, it is a habit, a bit like the reusable bags at the grocery store.

“There, I’m going to put one everywhere, in my bags, in my car, in the motorhome, I will have all the time “, explains she.

And wear the mask only bothers him not. “Me, I find it cute. There are beautiful masks, ” she says, wearing just a mask pink with the portraits of the princesses of Disney.

Andrew Gagnon, a 19-year-old, had a mask in his car, but he forgot about it before going into the convenience store. So he makes a half-turn to look for him.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t put it. But, we don’t have the choice, I put my mask on and I the firm, ” he says, aware that this is not a trade which requires him to wear it.


Eugenie Morin (left) and Virginia Bertin had both forgotten their mask to their arrival at convenience store in Longueuil.

Eugenie Morin had forgotten his mask returning to do some shopping in the store, but this is not because she does not want to wear them.

“Me, I work in health, it is sure and certain that I put it […] I’ve seen people die and I cried, because it hurts to see it, breath it, adding that it is only” a matter of habit ” for her to remember to put one on the outside of the work.

The port required the secures during its visits to the places where it is difficult to keep his distance with the other.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it is important to protect themselves “, adds it to his tower Virginia Bertin, who has had to purchase a mask at the convenience store.

The woman 38-year-old is described as immunosuppressed and ensures you get in the habit of wearing a mask, even before it became mandatory.

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