A hangover to the French

Un hangover à la française

Those who are familiar with the wild sense of humour and not a very subtle actor and French filmmaker Michaël Youn will not be disorientated by their new offering, the Divorce Club, a comedy that does not fly high, but who manage to cause a few good laughs.

Recently released in France, Divorce Club recounts the trials and tribulations of Ben (Arnaud Ducret), a real estate agent of Marseille who has just been dumped by the woman of his dreams after five years of marriage.

Depressed, he meets by chance in a group therapy a former friend from his youth, Patrick (François-Xavier Demaison), which has also just split from his wife. Patrick, who has made a fortune as a contractor, decides to invite Ben to live with him in his luxurious house in order to be able to enjoy together their new, single life.

Over the partys well-watered conditions, other singles in quest of amorous adventures come to be grafted to the club of divorced. Except that, in the meantime, Ben has made the acquaintance of a charming client (Caroline Anglade) who has restored a bit of hope in love.


You will have understood, this French comedy the Hangover (hangover) offers a series of sketches featuring a quarantine which multiply the blunders and misconduct, as in nights of debauchery. Divorce Club m not reinventing the genre (far from it), but Michaël Youn – who also plays in the film – has managed to create a comedy which is energetic and edgy, which is based in large part on the comedic talent of his merry band of actors.

Divorce Club


A comedy of Michaël Youn

With Arnaud Ducret, François-Xavier Demaison, Frédérique Bel and Caroline Anglade. To the poster.

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