A happening for quad riders and snowmobilers

A happening for ATV riders and snowmobilers


Starting at noon today, you can discover the Grand Salon de la motoneige et du quad de Québec, which is intended to be a happening< /strong> for all lovers of the environment, at the ExpoCité Exhibition Centre.

“ We are proud to present 92 exhibitors who touch on all areas of the industry, explained one of the two promoters of the Show, Pierre Harvey of SM Médias. We have the main manufacturers, a wide range of destinations, with an important contest with more than $5,000 in packages to be raffled off, outfitters, accommodation sites for snowmobiles and quad riders. » 

In addition, visitors have the chance to purchase various products on site and return home immediately with their purchase. 

“We are talking here about liquidation equipment with several exhibitors, adds Mr. Harvey. It is our pride to see people walk out with purchases they made at the Salon. Consumers can not only see what they want to see, but they can also obtain many equipment immediately. It's truly a great happening. ”

Manufacturers will also have kiosks on site to talk to enthusiasts.

“Visitors will be able to meet BRP experts on site with the brand new models of Ski-doo and quads and side-by-sides. Same thing for the folks at Polaris and Yamaha. All these people believe in the Salon de Québec and they prove it well by being on site,” says Pierre Harvey.

In addition, people like Adrénaline Sports will also be on site with many vehicles everywhere. in the Living Room.

Two elements should be mentioned, namely the presence of towing vehicles and isolated caravans, allowing you to stay very comfortably during outings in sites without services. In some places like the Yukon, it's not uncommon to see multiple trailers and motorhomes in the wild, with snowmobiles on the trailer behind. It is also possible to do it in Quebec.


In a salon like the one in Quebec, it happens that you can see very interesting novelties.

Thus, for the first time, you will be able to see the Moonbike. Entirely electric, this vehicle is a way to tame winter by traveling over wide open spaces. 

Invented in Europe, it is arriving in Quebec via a specialist who already enjoys a solid reputation in the world of electric vehicles, particularly with bicycles. This is Jean Petitgrew. You can meet him at the Show or receive information via jean.external@moonbikes.com or at 514-927-4779. 

Please note that this vehicle does not is not intended for use on trails, but off-trail only.

At the Segway kiosk, you can discover this removable winch, installed in the back box, which can lift loads of more than 3000 pounds.

For quad and hunting enthusiasts, at the Segway kiosk, you will discover an interesting novelty. This is a winch that you can install in the back of the box of a working side-by-side like the Fugleman. 

This winch can be used to lift an animal for hunting and transport it, or for any other use. It is really well done. By going to the Segway kiosk – you cannot miss it with its impressive motorhome – you will discover how it sets up. It must be said that the owner, Mark River, a real hunting maniac, wanted to offer amateurs a solution of this kind.

These are just two examples of what awaits you. It should also be mentioned that the folks from Widescape, with their stand-up snowmobile, will be there.

The Airmedic people will also be able to inform you about the services they offer to snowmobilers and quad riders during the practice of their activities.


In the tourist crossroads, you will find more than ten regions which are there to present you with all kinds of possibilities for stays.

Snowmobiling and quad biking are activities that allow several regions to develop service offers adapted to the needs of these visitors. Quite honestly, in many regions, snowmobiles and quads represent a leading economic driver, summer and winter alike.

We must not forget the outfitters who, over the years, have been able to develop a very interesting and completely different. These forest innkeepers are able to provide you with unique experiences. They know their territory very well, which opens doors for discoveries that they are the only ones to offer you.

So now is the time to plan your outings next winter. Yes, despite the very mild temperature of the last few days, there will definitely be a winter.

We should not forget to visit the kiosks of the two federations which will be on site, with experts capable of answering your questions. all your questions about trails, regulations, access rights and more. Also, several ATV and snowmobile clubs will be present with their own booth. It truly is THE show not to be missed.

♦ The show is open today from noon to 9 p.m., tomorrow from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The promoters have returned this year with their principle of the bracelet, which will allow visitors to come several times, once they have paid the initial entrance fee.

A happening for ATV riders and snowmobilers