A hat-trick for Jordan Officer!

Tout un triplé pour Jordan Officer!

The stars aligned. A week after the unveiling of a dozen albums, Turnip Confit, it is the turn of singer and ace guitar jazz Jordan Officer, to launch a trio of titles in genres rather nestled.

Jordan Officer


Jazz vol. 1, Country vol. 1 and Blues vol 1

With Jazz vol. 1, Country vol. 1 and Blues volume 1, Officer is visibly fun and music lovers, them, take advantage of itou by the band.


Agreed, a jazz album for one of the best guitarists of the genre is not a feat and, of course, the blues has inspired many jazz musicians, cowboys, and vice-versa, but the fact remains : Jordan Officer is a major challenge in investing in niches hyper coded.

Also to note : their audiences are as passionate as ruthless. Talk to the pop artists who attempt a breakthrough country to appeal to this audience – always fond of issues physical – to finally return to their first love the tail between the legs, as these fans often prefer to encourage ” true(e)true(e)s “.

In short, it was a big challenge and, you guessed it, the main interested party has the upper-hand.


With this kind delivered with warmth, bonhomie, and even some emergency (we learn later that the musician has recorded their three albums in three days), Jordan makes a mockery of the pretensions and, mine of nothing, injects a breath of fresh air to his proposal as more of these congeners tanguent these days to the surfeit of frills.

Good news, also, for the neophytes : for the first volumes of these series, the Officer and his cronies are relying mostly on covers of standards, including Pennies From Heaven (found on Jazz vol. 1), Since You’re Gone (heard on Country vol 1) and My Baby’s Gone And Left Me (on Blues vol 1).

To not have baseball this summer, there has been an incredible triple of Jordan Officer. To listen without fault !



The Kingdom

Although the beautiful days of Glycerine are beautiful, and well behind the quartet (except as a reminder at concerts, I imagine), Bush persists, sign and launches eighth album but not bad at all in its mix of the modern (without too much aping the current trends) and its roots in grunge. The Kingdom will not go down in history, but demonstrates that the “back” of Bush (the group is separated from 2002 to 2010) could be more promising than expected. For the nostalgic : listen up !



Hate for Sale

Another “return” unexpected : one of the Pretenders that deliver an eleventh LP amazing. The group has remained active over the decades (without, however, come back under the spotlight the following during the 80’s) and Hate For Sale is a “return to the sources” to be convincing. Well thatAlone (2016), his predecessor, was more interesting, it was essentially a solo LP of Chrissie Hynde borrowing the name of the project. Here, the collective original finds and gives an album more conventional, but still catchy and of his time. The fans are going to love.

The Chicks



It is well known, the trio (formerly the Dixie Chicks) drooling since they held about anti-war. Years later, the group continues its commitment to abandoning the Dixie her pen name (for his references to slavery), and providing a Gaslighter, a eighth album music, country pop not so stunning, but the about strong, interesting, oscillating between texts and lows (Gaslighter is inspired in part by the divorce of Natalie Maines) and other, more politicised (the single March March evidenced in particular). To (re)discover, in short.

Coup de coeur



I Want to F*ck It Up

Troupe a beloved indie pop of the early 2000’s, the collective was separate from the melee above all by its percussion provided by… a musician wielding shoes, tap dance (yes, yes). In short, Tilly & The Wall has re-surfaced in offering, finally, a compilation of his best-known songs. Fans – including me – will see the work as a security blanket, comforting. Other experience as an orchestra with the energy and sincerity destabilizing.

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