A heat wave worrisome in the current context

Une vague de chaleur préoccupante dans le contexte actuel

Quebecers are accustomed to heatwaves in the summer, but it remains that the climate of the last days is something that is both historic and worrying.

“It is an epidemic of records that we are experiencing in this moment!”, noted meteorologist Gilles’brien, referring to the COVID-19, but also to the low number of rainfall for the month of June, for the duration of this heat wave and smog warnings in many regions because of forest fires.

All these weather phenomena are more complicated to manage in the context of a pandemic. For example, the wearing of the mask makes the heat even more suffocating, according to Mr. Brien.

“The mask is reduced oxygenation. We breathe more CO2, which is not good,” added the scientist, which is, however, not ready to discourage the wearing of the covers-face outside the time of the heat wave, leaving the public health care focus on this issue.

Gilles’brien is concerned of the effects that could have the heat and the poor air quality on people who are currently fighting the coronavirus.

It is also a concern that more people than usual staying alone at home, often without air conditioning, for fear of catching the COVID-19.

“To 41-42 degrees, this is where the excess mortality statistics strikes,” said Mr. Brien.

Poor air quality

On Sunday, the mercury should climb up to 32 degrees in Montreal. One announcement may be isolated thunderstorms in the coming days, but the weather should remain hot and dry until Friday.

In fact, it is not so much the heat and the smog that fact that this month of June will go down in history.

“It is not common to have two heat waves in the month of June like this year, but this is not of the unknown no more,” said Peter Kimbell, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

The smog, a result of the forest fire in the region of Kamouraska, is more alarming for the time being in the greater Montreal area. Environment Canada has issued a notice on Sunday and does not recommend any physical activity outside.

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