A high government official black resigns in protest against Trump

Une haute responsable gouvernementale noire démissionne pour protester contre Trump

A high responsible black administration Trump resigned on Thursday, in a gesture of protest against the response presidential anti-racism movement without precedent that has shaken the country since the death of George Floyd, according to the american media.

“The comments and actions of the president regarding racial injustice and the Black american goes directly against my values and my convictions,” wrote Mary Elizabeth Taylor, assistant secretary for legislative affairs at the State Department in his letter of resignation addressed to the chief of american diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, obtained by the Washington Post.

30-year-old, Ms. Taylor is the youngest person appointed to this position and the first black woman to occupy it.

His resignation appears to be the first of a high administrative officer related to racial tensions and protests that has swept the United States since the death of George Floyd, an African-american 46-year-old was asphyxiated by a white policeman during his arrest, at the end of may, in Minneapolis.

Since this inquiry fatal, Donald Trump has been very criticised for having allowed the violent dispersal of demonstrators, anti-racist, non-violent shots of tear gas near the White House and threatened to deploy the army to suppress the protests.

The us president has also scheduled a large meeting of the campaign on the day of the celebration of the abolition of slavery, “Juneteenth”, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the theatre in 1921, one of the worst massacres of racial in the United States. This choice was perceived as a provocation, forcing Donald TrumpĂ  shift its election rally of a day.

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