A history of video games by the numbers fun… part 2

Une histoire des jeux vidéo en chiffres amusants... 2e partie

Continue the journey begun with other figures just as fascinating…

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1.8 billion

The game having earned the most money in 2019 is “Fortnite” with US $ 1.8 billion. According to SuperData, the subsidiary of Nielsen’s dedicated to video games, the incomes of the titles “free to play” (that is to say, free to play, but including a possibility of purchases) have increased from 6% in 2019 to reach 871 billion US$.

12 million

“World of Warcraft”, one of the most popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online games), has had up to 12 million players in 2012, at the peak of his popularity. Today, another expansion is planned before the end of the year, players can create a character, choosing from among 24 races of creatures.

786 million

Among the titles purchased in 2019, it is “FIFA 19,” which leads the annual ranking of SuperData with its 786 million US $ of sales. It is followed by “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” with 645 million US$.

595 million

Nearly seven years after its release, “Grand Theft Auto V” continues to seduce the “gamers”. In 2019, the sales of the title totalled $ 595 million US$. Controversial due to its level of violence and its treatment of women, “GTA V” is still the pane to be the most profitable of the franchise with a total of $ 6 billion of revenue.

26 years old

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in the u.s. was established in 1994, 26 years ago. This is the authority that grants a rating to the video games according to the audience they address. This body has been set on foot by the video game industry it-even after a Senate investigation is focused on “Mortal Kombat” and “Night Trap” in 1993. In effect, these securities have been accused of promoting youth violence, and even to develop violent behaviours.

Six titles

“Gears of War 5”, the sixth title in the franchise, includes the dubbing of dialogues by two personalities. The first is the actress Linda Hamilton, who double – who else? – Sarah Connor, his presence being the result of a mesh with the movie “Terminator: dark destiny”. The second voice is that of Dave Bautista. The former wrestler-turned-star of action movies had said, for years, be interested to embody the character of Marcus Fenix, if an adaptation of the “Gears of War” had to be made for the big screen. Unfortunately, the project fell into the water, but Bautista has become a playable character in “Gears of War 5”.


It is admitted that the first video game with a sexual connotation is out on the console the Atari 2600 in 1983. This is “X-Man” in which the player controls a naked man in the full maze, the goal being to get out. The character hyper pixelated ends, if it comes out of the damn place, by sleeping with a woman!

1220 US $

In 1989, the astronaut Russian Aleksander A. Sererbrov made a trip in the capsule of the Soyuz. He decides to take his portable console Game Boy. The game he plays? “Tetris”! The copy of the game has been sold to 1220 US $ in 2011.

138 hours

Some records give the dizzy. Carrie Swidecki, an American, has spent 138 hours and 34 seconds to play “Just Dance 2015” from Ubisoft to Bakerfield, California, in 2015. The girl released his exploit, that is certified by the “Guinness Book of records”, on Twitch, amassing and 7305 US $ to a charity.

4 people

In 2005, an idea made its way into the imagination of Svend Joscelyne. The “gamer”, a great fan of Sonic, the iconic character of Sega, imagine a convention entirely dedicated to the blue hedgehog. A few months later, only four people have answered the call! Today, the tickets take only a few minutes to sell themselves and the event “Summer of Sonic” has been recognized by the “Guinness Book of world records” as the first convention created for a video game character.

20 139 games

Antonio Monteiro, an American from Richmond, Texas, has managed to build a collection bringing together 20 139 video games. Started when he was 12 years old, his collection also includes more than 100 consoles, which allows him to play all of its titles. His favorite? “Castlevania IV”. The most strange? “Max Basic Rifle Marksmanship Program, game Nintendo only developed for the u.s. army and was never sold to the public.

3.7 million votes

When the Smithsonian museum of american art, has decided to include video games in his collection, he turned to the audience. The list of 240 titles, established by Chris Melissinos, former boss of Sun Microsystems, has been submitted to an online choice in 2011. In total, 119, 000 people from 175 countries who have indicated their 3.7 million votes.

330 million hours

The NFL and EA Sports have renewed, a few days ago, the franchise “Madden” until 2026. “Madden NFL 20” – edition 2021, will be released in August this year – has seen an increase of 30 % of its players unique and according to EA, these are 330 million hours have been played in total since the release of the game.

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