A history of video games by the numbers fun

In more than 40 years of existence, the memories of the video games are interspersed with figures fascinating. So here’s what is surprising, rave, laugh, and remember…

26 years old

The age of Nolan Bushnell when he decided, in 1969, founded the company Syzygy with his colleague Ted Dabney. The two men develop “Computer Space”, a game with a rudimentary space combat was released in 1971 and considered to be the first game of the history. The following year, they founded Atari, hire the engineer, Allan Alcorn, and set to work. Their goal? Create a tennis game for the console, Odyssey by Magnavox, as well as an arcade game. “Pong” has just been born. The craze is such that 8000 games are installed at the end of 1974, and over 150,000 “Home Pong” were sold by Sears for Christmas 1975.

360 000 terminals

This is the number of terminals of the arcade “Space Invaders” sold from 1978 to 1980. Designed by Tomohiro Nishikado for the japanese company Taito, the title is all the rage in the land of the rising Sun, the story wanting the same as the pieces of 100-yen required to play the game, have been missing for a while. Also, be aware that Nishikado was inspired by “War of The worlds” by H. G. Wells for inventing the concept of “Space Invaders”.

28 games

These are 28 games that have been developed for the Odyssey, first game console connecting to a tv. Invented in 1972 by engineers of the company Magnavox, the Odyssey, sold up in 1975, has sold 350 000 copies. Among the titles of this console called the “brown box”, “box brown”), a “Hockey”, a “Simon Says” and even a “Shooting Gallery” with a rifle in plastic.

Two directions

The first “joystick” (“broomstick”) to video game home has been marketed with the console Odyssey and only allowed to move in two directions: to the left and to the right. The first “joystick” for computer game has been developed by the company Sega for their arcade game “Missile” in 1969 and was equipped with a fire button.

900 million

In 1981, the sale of arcade games represents not less than US $ 900 million in North America. With regard to the income of the terminals, they amounted to 2.8 billion US $ in 1980.

10 billion

The arcade game the most profitable of the 1980s? “Pac-Man” which has generated revenues of 10 billion coins of 25 cents over the course of the Twentieth century, that is 2.5 billion US$.

64 kilobytes

The Commodore 64 sold from 1982, had 64 kilobytes of memory, the equivalent of a long e-mail today! The console Commodore International sold 17 million copies, making it the model of computer the most sold of the history, a record that is certified by the “Guinness Book of world records”.

40 million copies

Nintendo has sold 40 million copies of “Super Mario Bros.”, 1985, the date of its release, in 2010, the date of the 25th anniversary of the game. Appeared for the first time in “Donkey Kong”, the most famous plumber of the world has been the star of more than 200 games. It also makes an appearance as the referee in the boxing game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!”. Portrayed by Bob Hoskins in the film of the same name released in 1993, Mario has between 24 and 25 years old according to its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto.

256 colors

Released in 1992, “Wolfenstein 3D,” promises to change forever the experience of the fans. In effect, the 256 colors are the norm in this era of PC running DOS – from the title are rendered by a game engine in 3D, a technology that is mainly used at the time for simulation games.

3.5 million

The number of unsold copies of “E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, the game, released in 1982, one of the biggest flops in commercial industry and one of the worst titles in history. In 1983, a information has begun to circulate to the effect that Atari, the game’s developer, had buried the unsold inventory in the landfill of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Denied by the company and therefore regarded as an urban legend, the information has nevertheless been confirmed when a team of canadian filmmakers made a documentary in the landfill. James Heller, a former director at Atari, then confirmed to the Associated Press that 728,000 cartridges were buried.

Six doubleuses and two actresses

In total, six doubleuses have recorded the voice of Lara Croft in the saga of games “Tomb Raider”, the first of which was released in 1996. At the cinema, it is first of all Angelina Jolie who embodied the luscious archaeologist and adventurer, a role taken over by Alicia Vikander in the film of 2008.

Three CD

The first “Final Fantasy” arrived on the shelves in 1997 for the PlayStation, there were three disks. The game, which included 47 minutes of video footage, has sold 2.3 million copies in three days in Japan.

56 vehicles

Upon its release in 2001, “Grand Theft Auto” featured 56 different vehicles to players. The violence of the game – lovers can engage in all sorts of illegal acts – has been at the origin of a further 256 million US $ in 2003, the family of two teenagers claiming that they had killed passers-by after having been influenced by this title.

10.5 billion

The pandemic of COVID-19 does not cease to have an impact on the video game industry. In April, purchases of “gamers” have reached the record sum of 10.5 billion US $ across the world, an increase of 17 % compared to the same period last year, according to figures published by Nielsen SuperData. It is “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” which was the title of the most sold with 3.6 million copies sold.

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