A hit app, a top market, surgical innovation: the essential news in the region

A hit app, a top market, surgical innovation: the essential news in the region

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l'essentiel de l'actualité régionale sur midilibre.fr.

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité régionale sur midilibre.fr.

A 500 million euro cinema-video game theme park project

#PERPIGNAN Family attractions on the theme of cinema, video games, carried by big names in the industry industry and successful franchises. This is the scenario for a future theme park that French and American business leaders presented this Friday, May 24, to the city's mayor and local economic players, reveals L'Indépendant.

The concept carried by Bruno Granja, director of Studios Occitanie Méditerranée attracted Charles Yi, an American businessman in real estate who became associated with it. 3,000 jobs are announced, as well as 500 million euros of investment in an area of ​​60 hectares which would be located to the south of the city. 

PFAS detected in water

#OCCITANIE Since last February, the ARS (Regional Health Agency) has been carrying out a PFAS research campaign (eternal pollutants) in drinking water. 326 samples were taken, three of which exceeded the quality standard (Les Horts catchments in Lunel-Vieil in Hérault; Lagarde gravel catchment in Haute-Garonne; ratier drilling in Narbonne in Aude)

"These three non-conformities are subject to detailed monitoring" specifies&nbsp ;l’ARS which claims to work "alongside all stakeholders in water management, actively mobilized and vigilant to both guarantee the protection of population health and limit consumer exposure to these PFAS." ;quot;

An innovative way to treat epilepsy

#MONTPELLIER The Resistant Brain Pathologies Unit (department of neurosurgery) of the Montpellier University Hospital carried out "a major technological advance for patients" suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy, communicates the hospital center. This is the first implantation of "the very latest generation of rechargeable implantable neurostimulator for deep brain stimulation".

This innovative tool is capable of "stimulating and recording intracerebral signals" in patients. "The team was already a pioneer in the treatment of severe epilepsy by stimulation of the anterior thalamic nucleus since 2012", underlines the CHU in its press release.

Epilepsy, a debilitating chronic illness affects between 355,000 and 600,000 people in France, almost half of whom are under 20 years old. Those who are resistant to drugs could benefit from this advance.

Céret at the top of the markets

#OCCITANIEMarie-Sophie Lacarrau announced it this Friday, May 24 in the Journal de 13 Heures: the Céret market (Pyrénées-Orientales) is one of the ten finalists selected for "Your most beautiful market", the competition organized by the television channel and Midi Libre.

On the ex-Midi-Pyrénées side, that of Revel (Haute-Garonne) is also in the final short list. It is possible to vote online until June 14 on the TF1 Info website (by clicking on this link). The name of the overall winner will be known during the week of June 24.

The number of the day: 70

#HERAULT. Up to 70% off ticket prices. This is the promise of the Shop ta place app, created by Lodévois Idris Salvi and Montpellier resident Charlotte Leygue.

The concept is simple: collect unsold tickets in Parisian performance halls and put them online the same day at reduced prices. Launched at the end of March, the application is already working very well and its creators are continuing interviews.

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