A hostel will welcome campers without camping

Une auberge accueillera les campeurs sans camping

An inn and microbrewery at Rivière-Ouelle, qc has decided to collaborate to decrease the number of tourists who invade the beaches and other unsuitable places, leaving spaces on its own grounds.

The owner of The Whale’s Furious, in Rivière-Ouelle, Bas-Saint-Laurent, has had this idea seeing the many media stories about vacationers not very respectful of the natural spaces in the East-of-Québec.

Ensuring do not want these tourists, but want to simply offer them a suitable space, Sylvain Tremblay wanted to do something.

“We are happy to receive the world, it is far to be frustrated, but when you see pictures like what we saw, you said he must do better,” explains the hotelier.

“To help people “

With a huge field adjacent to his microbrewery-hostel, Mr. Tremblay has chosen to invite the people passing by to settle there.

“This is not a campsite, it is more of a night, it is to help the people who are en route to the Gaspé peninsula and who have no place to stop “, he says.

The service will be offered free access to showers and bathrooms will be available at $ 20 per hour.

Visitors will be able to find it on the site, toilets, picnic tables, as well as, well, garbage.

All to ” protect the beaches of the eastern Quebec and the ecosystems found there “.

“This is an issue in the corner also, and it became malaisant. There are wetlands, protected areas, and even if you are happy to share this with people who want to visit, this is not the place to settle and camp out, ” says Sylvain Tremblay.


In less than 24 hours, several people had already contacted The Whale Wild to inquire about the offer.

“We are happy to welcome people who are going to consume, which will encourage businesses in the area. It is just necessary to ensure that it is done the right way, ” insisted the owner of the place.

Moreover, the idea of “campgrounds temporary” continues to do little, while the municipalities of Maria and Grande-Rivière, Gaspésie, have announced that new campsites would be released to accommodate visitors.

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