A huge Python crawled onto the roof: incredible video

The owner of the snake says that state laws do not prohibit the maintenance of pythons

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Огромный питон залез на крышу дома: невероятное видео

The Python escaped from the owner

Residents of one of the regions of Detroit (USA) were very surprised and scared looking at the roof of the house of a huge snake. People were afraid to approach the building and wondered how there could appear a reptile of this size, according to UPI.

“I was driving in the car, a cousin, and we saw a crowd of people who were taking pictures of something on the roof of the building. We thought it was a dog, but when he rounded the corner, I noticed a huge snake,” wrote the author published in network video.

The owner of the snake Devin Jones white says that this eight-year-old reticulated Python named Juliette. The snake raised in captivity, is not toxic and has never shown aggression, and the laws of the state do not prohibit the maintenance of pythons as Pets.

White admitted that in that day obviously have not locked the cage, and the Python got out of the house, and then, probably, was barked and the dog literally got into a safe place.

We will remind, in the center of Kiev on a lamp pole on the street Zhylianska, 54, passers-by found the two-meter Python. We also reported that the Python lay in bed with Australian. In addition, the “Today” wrote a Python wrapped around the leg defecate teenager.

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