A huge vineyard on the roof… in Montreal

Un énorme vignoble sur toit... à Montréal

MONTREAL – The farmer experimental Véronique Lemieux cultivates vineyards in the metropolis on surfaces also neglected that everywhere: the rooftops. She has been working to develop the first “wine city”. fully montreal.

Last June 10, his or her body the Vines in the city has planted 200 vines, in 4000 gallons of ground, on the roof of the Central agricultural Laboratory on urban agriculture, near the central Market in Montreal.

It would be the largest vineyard on the roof” in the world, according to Ms. Lemieux. “I watch what is done elsewhere in north America and Europe and nobody else is crazy enough to plant 200 vines on a roof !” exclaimed she.


Supported by the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), by the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), in the Palace of Congress and by Ubisoft, the initiative Vines in the city has already conducted a microcuvée of sparkling natural pink. This first wine, a test, however, has not been marketed.

“There is no manual for what one does, it is a new experience,” said the pioneer who cultivated 465 feet of vineyard spread across four roofs and a ground in the city.

The vines consume little water, but their foliage provides cover refreshing, hence their relevance on the roofs.


Vines in the city also uses a potting innovative where shards of glass to replace the sand. “Our experience shows that it is equally fertile, and that in addition, thanks to the action of mycorrhizae (fungi) that we add, the glass dissolves,’ said Ms Lemieux.

The use of glass in the potting soil and farming could be a way to recycle.

Local engineering

Among the friends and advisers of the project of wine-city is the sommelier specializing in wines, northern Steven Fortin, the company’s Sommelier Nordiq, who’s mission is to promote and sell the good québec wines that cannot be found at the SAQ.

“For a long time, the wine growers of here fought against their land to try to do it like in Europe, but a recent awareness has led several to embrace the peculiarities of the territory to arrive at very different wines, and very interesting,” said Mr. Fortin.

The wine from vineyards on the rooftop grown full city in a soil experimental fits within the mandate of his company Sommelier Nordiq.

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