“A huge waste”: the Saint-Affrique slaughterhouse placed in compulsory liquidation Tuesday afternoon

“A huge waste”: the Saint-Affrique slaughterhouse placed in compulsory liquidation Tuesday afternoon

Suite au retrait de l’agrément sanitaire par le préfet le 14 mars, l’activité a cessé pour les 33 salariés. JMC

Tristes de la fermeture du site, les 33 salariés vont être licenciés pour motif économique.

Tuesday June 25, the Rodez commercial court recorded the judicial liquidation of SAS Abattoir Sud-Aveyron Saint-Affrique which had been in receivership proceedings since Tuesday May 28.

In addition to the two elected staff representatives Enzo Camps and Éric Apolit, Liazid Sadali, the president of SAS, and Mustafa Slimani, the general director were present.

"It’s sad that this site is closing, comment the two delegates as they leave the court. This will put 33 employees out of work. This is a minus for the breeders of the territory. We hope that solutions will eventually be found for this tool to work."

The employees have an appointment on Thursday July 4 in the morning at the slaughterhouse for a meeting with the office of Christine Dauverchain, legal representative. The dismissal procedure will be explained to them. Subsequently, individual interviews will take place with a view to their economic dismissal. On Friday July 5, employees will have a meeting with France Travail. The location remains to be determined.

The SAS Abattoir Sud-Aveyron Saint-Affrique opened on October 16 with provisional health approval. Approval withdrawn by the prefect on March 14. Since then, the establishment has ceased its activity and the employees no longer work. The latter had to fight to receive their salaries.

Succession of procedures

The previous SAS Abattoir du Saint-Affricain was in receivership since March 14, 2023, as was the company Apolit Viandes, a cutting workshop, owned by the SAS. Health approval had been suspended since April 26, 2023 by the prefecture.

On May 26, 2023, the Rodez Commercial Court validated the transfer of the two companies to the two buyers who had come forward, namely Gabriel Peyrottes, former director of the slaughterhouse, and Stéphane Slimani, from Marseille.

Ultimately, it was the latter who was the buyer. SAS abattoir Sud-Aveyron Saint-Affrique, the name of the new company, was issued a new conditional and provisional approval in mid-October 2023 for three months, until January 2024.

“The Slimanis have done anything!”

“As I have already said, it is a huge waste, believes Sébastien David, mayor and president of the community of communes. I think the Slimanis did whatever they wanted. Now, what is sad is that we are starting from scratch. We need to bring back around the table all those who have good intentions around the Saint-Affrique agri-food hub to try to find a project leader who wants to tear it down. So I am going to start this round table to bring all the protagonists together to try to see if a project emerges. The subject is agricultural, agri-food, industrial and human. In a word, it is sad.”

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