A hundred 911 calls on the port of the mask

Une centaine d’appels au 911 sur le port du masque

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) told TVA News to have received a hundred calls in the last weekend related to “near or far” with the mandatory wearing of masks in enclosed areas.

In total, 8500 calls of all kinds have been made to 911 by the end of the week, ” explains the inspector André Durocher. Of this number, 103 are linked to the port of the mask, including fifty consisted of requests for information on the part of the population.

The SPVM has also found that some citizens withdraw their mask in the queues in front of the shops then it is recommended to keep it on the face since the measures of social distancing are not always respected. Given that customer service is a little bit longer and that people were warm, some of them withdrew their covers-face.

The SPVM also notes a problem with the private parties in rented apartments on the platform Airbnb. Many people are sometimes met.

Recall that the SPVM has intervened this weekend at a Tim Hortons Papineau avenue because a client refused to wear the covers-face. The man is expected to face charges of obstructing a peace officer. According to the SPVM, it is an incident very isolated.

“This is someone who, obviously, wanted to create an incident,” said André Durocher, a spokesperson for the SPVM.

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