“A jewel”, “I've been crying for 1 hour”: this Netflix film perfect for the Holidays enchants Internet users

"A jewel", "ÇI've been crying for 1 hour": this Netflix movie perfect for the holidays enchants Internet users

By Aubéry Mallet Journalist Series, cinema, TV Aubéry Mallet is a journalist specializing in series. A fan of the small screen, she has seen everything (or almost) from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars, from The Bridgerton Chronicle to Stranger Things via Gossip Girl or Friends. What could be better than a good film to prolong the atmosphere of the end-of-year celebrations? On Netflix, there is obviously something to do, and there is something for everyone. But a film seems to have conquered Internet users. Posted on Christmas Day, it enchants more and more subscribers, and it would be a shame to miss it!

At this Christmas time, Netflix has not decided to take a break, quite the contrary. In recent weeks, the platform has unveiled new programs, to the delight of its many subscribers. For example, we were able to see season 3 of Emily in Paris which sometimes got us a little drunk, season 2 hardcore of Alice in Borderland or the new series The Witcher that got taken down by fans.

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But on the film side there was also something to vibrate! For example in front of Glass Onion, a story at loggerheads which squats the top of the most viewed films or with the sequel to a cult horror film which is a hit on the platform after a flop at the cinema . Netflix has also put a lot of Christmas movies online, but also another long-awaited feature film. And he's a hit!

This perfect holiday movie you can watch on Netflix

This movie is Matilda the Musical. If this title means something to you, it is completely normal. This 2022 version directed by Matthew Warchus is based on a children's novel released in 1998. It was adapted into a film in 1996 with Mara Wilson (also seen in Madame Doubtfire) in the first role, then had a comedy adaptation. musical from 2010. It is this show that made its return in film version on Netflix.

The film tells the story of Matilda Wormwood, a little girl also extraordinary that she has an overflowing imagination. She will then join a school run by a terrifying teacher. Casting side, the film is carried by the young Alisha Weir which is the first leading role. Around her, we find a metamorphosed Emma Thompson but also Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel, Dying can wait), Stephen Graham (Pirates of the Caribbean, Peaky Blinders) but also Andrea Riseborough.

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Available since December 25 on the platform, Matilda, the musical is gaining more and more followers in France. This Friday, December 30, 2022, it is ranked number 4 of the most popular films on the platform. And those who have seen it are under the spell! “Matilda the comedy on netflix? Incredible ommmmg” or “To see on Netflix, Matilda, who is a jewel of optimism and good humor” can we read on Twitter.

A well-deserved success since the film has been in the works for quite a while. Indeed, it was in 2013 that a film adaptation was mentioned. The project was finally announced in 2020 and filmed from May 2021 in Ireland. You can still watch it and see it again on Netflix!