A judge fails to push an investigation regarding

A judge in quebec has failed in his attempt to push an investigation regarding conduct derogatory he would have had in the courtroom, as well as for a long period of time before rendering a judgment in a family matter.

“The application for suspension of the work of the committee of inquiry […] is denied “, ruled the federal Court in a decision made public yesterday.

Last September, the judge of the superior Court of Québec Gérard Dugré found himself in the spotlight when the canadian judicial Council had announced an investigation following two complaints laid against him.

The first concerned a “considerable time” before making a judgment and having failed to respond to e-mails of reminders, while the second was rather “the humour moved” at a hearing, where it would have prevented a lawyer to put forward arguments.

No allegations have yet been proven, and the details of the deal were not disclosed.

However, since, the judge was asked to delay the holding of the investigation, citing the ongoing work to reform the disciplinary process of the judges. According to him, it would have led to a better knowledge of the competences, powers and duties of the canadian judicial Council when a complaint is filed against a judge.

In support of its request, the judge Dugré had submitted to a judgment in a similar case, where a stay had been granted. But this has not convinced the court.

“In my opinion, this decision only confirms the rule,” concluded the federal Court.

This means that unless the judge Dugré may initiate other procedures, it will indeed face a committee of inquiry. And if the accusations prove to be accurate, it could receive a penalty up to revocation.

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