A judge in new york temporarily blocked a book of revelations about the family Trump

Un juge new-yorkais bloque temporairement un livre-révélations sur la famille Trump

A judge in new york has temporarily blocked Tuesday the publication of a book written by the niece of Donald Trump, who should come out on the 28th of July and promises to be embarrassing for the president three months before the presidential election.

In a decision of two pages, the judge Hal Greenwald indicates to block the publication of the book entitled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” (” Too much and never enough: how my family has created the most dangerous man in the world “, in French), at least until 10 July.

He invited the lawyers of Mary Trump and his publisher Simon & Schuster to submit by this date the reasons for which the book would not violate a confidentiality agreement that the niece had agreed in connection with the legacy of Fred Trump, the father of the president.

Since the announcement of its release by the publisher in mid-June, this book, meant to shine “a harsh light on the dark history” of the family Trump, the subject of a legal battle.

Last week, a president’s brother, Robert Trump, had seized a specialized court of New York to prevent the publication of the book, but the latter had declared itself incompetent to resolve the dispute.

Through his lawyer Charles Harder, Robert Trump welcomed the block announced on Tuesday, and said he decided to fight until the end to limit the “enormous damage” caused by what is for him a flagrant ” breach of contract “.

The lawyer of Mary Trump, Theodore Boutrous, was immediately promised to appeal.

Even if the blockage is only temporary, “it violates flatly the First amendment” of the u.s. Constitution, which protects freedom of expression, he estimated.

“This book, on subjects of great interest and importance to the public opinion of a sitting president during an election year, should not be censored, if only for a day,” he added.

Mary Trump, psychologist 55 years old, is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., elder brother of the billionaire republican who died in 1981, at the age of 42, died of alcoholism.

In this book of 240 pages, it tells of the events she witnessed in the home of his grandparents in New York, where they grew up, Donald Trump and his four brothers and sisters.

“She described a nightmare because of trauma, relationships, destructive, and a mixture of tragic neglect and abuse,” according to ensures its publishing house Simon & Schuster.

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