A judge refused to block the release of the book of John Bolton

Un juge refuse de bloquer la sortie du livre de John Bolton

The us president has responded by saying that his ex-adviser to pay a price as “very strong” for having published his book without authorization from the White House.

John Bolton, “has a risk to the national security of the United States” and “has put his country in danger,” said the judge of the federal court in Washington, Royce Lamberth, in his decision.

But “the government has failed to establish that a prohibition would prevent irreparable damage. Its application is therefore dismissed”, he concluded.

Judge Lamberth pointed out that the book had already been widely circulated and that it was now “an Open secret”.

According to the publisher, more than 200 000 copies have already been sent to bookstores across the country.

The judge recognized that John Bolton does not seem to have asked them to”written permission” to the White House before publication, which would have certified that no elements “classified” is not included in the book.

Entitled “The Room” Where it Happened” (The room where it happened), the work chronic the 17 months spent by the author with the occupant of the oval Office as national security adviser, in 2018-2019.

In this book, the vitriol, the former adviser to the White House feeds into the image of an american president as incompetent on the international stage, mocked by senior officials of his own administration, and passing his thirst for re-election on November 3, before the interest of the country.

“GREAT VICTORY in FRONT of THE JUSTICE against Bolton. Of course, the book had already been circulated and leaked to many different people and media, the judge, very respectable, would not have been able to do anything to stop it,” responded Donald Trump on Twitter.

“Bolton has broken the law and has been denounced and blamed for having done it, and will pay a price that is very strong. He likes to drop bombs on people, and kill them. Now, bombs are going to fall on him!” threatened the us president, in referring to the positions va-t-en-war diplomacy of his ex-advisor.

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