A jump of fence that cost him his life

Un saut de clôture qui lui coûte la vie

VAUDREUIL-DORION | The Sûreté du Québec asked him, always a man of 38 years, Monday evening, after his neighbor was killed in his back yard the day before, in the Montérégie region.

According to our information, Deyver Andres Aguilar Céspedes, 38 years old, has spent a good part of the day with the investigators to elucidate the sad affair, which seems to be a banal bickering of neighbors become fatal.

Maxime Belanger, 39, was transported to the hospital after he was beaten and stabbed to death Sunday evening in the back yard of his neighbor, Vaudreuil-Dorion.

He is the co-owner of the residence, which occurred on Sunday evening for the murder of a neighbor in the adjacent courtyard.

The tragedy happened in the rue Caron, in a quiet area of Vaudreuil-Dorion.

That evening, Mr. Cespedes would have held a feast of a dozen people, told us about the neighbourhood.

The music and noise would have been audible during a dozen hours.

Over the fence

Then, at around 22: 30, the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) were called in to intervene quickly to put an end to an altercation between two men.

According to our information, Maxime Belanger, 39 years of age, who resides in the rue Valois, jumped over his fence to get in the yard of his neighbor.

His relatives think that he wanted to go and complain of the constant noise.

“I’ve heard it all. F*ck you, and the cries of men and women, ” said a lady who lives near, but has preferred to preserve his anonymity.

Knife and baseball bat

Mr. Bélanger would have been stabbed with knives and beaten with a baseball bat a few feet only just touch the fence, a-t-on learned.

Techniques of resuscitation have been attempted, but his death was found a little later in the hospital.

The investigation was assigned to the division’s Crimes against persons to the SQ.

  • A large security perimeter was maintained until the end of the afternoon Monday, around the house located on the rue Caron.

An error of judgment fatal to a father of 39 years

The sister and the mother of the man who was killed is hardly to believe that a simple and banal bickering of neighbours could escalate into a drama also sordid.

“You pay the wholesale price to something stupid “, dropped on Monday, Sophie Bélanger, a few hours after having learned of the death of his younger brother.

“He had not gone three feet before you get killed “, she illustrated, in describing the Journal that she has been able to observe the crime scene.

His brother Maxime Bélanger and their mother Francine Laquerre lived on the rue Valois for over 10 years.

On Sunday, a mason by profession and a former member had completed the shelter-the sun and the back terrace.

“He came home at the same time as me, around 20: 30. He had to get up at 5 a.m. to go to work like every morning, ” said Ms. Laquerre, still stunned. Then, I don’t know what happened. “

Strained relationship

Residents of the neighborhood testified to the Log frequently heard noise from the family court Cespedes.

The mother of the victim we has confided that the relationship with the neighbors in the back was tense for this reason, since their arrival in 2016.

“What are parties and loud music repeatedly” testified the woman, who described her neighborhood of “quiet” in normal time.

“It wasn’t noisy, just a little, it was at a level of total disrespect,” added Ms. Bélanger.

It does not live at this address, but said to have been a witness to boisterous celebrations on several occasions in recent years.

Gesture thoughtless

Ms. Laquerre swear, however, that everything had been done from their side in recent years to address the situation in a civilized manner.

“I’m not saying that the tone had not already mounted, but he [Maxime] was patient, patient,” she hammered at the about his son, the father of a young teenager and has been passionate about trucks and snowmobiles.

They would have made multiple complaints to the police, in vain.

According to Ms. Bélanger, his brother would, therefore, likely to be out of bed to go enguirlander the neighbors who had celebrated all day on Sunday.

“I don’t think he was going to hit a person. It was not violent, assures Ms. Bélanger. It was at the end. It was a gesture of thoughtless on his part. It is thrown in the mouth of the wolf. “

Both women believe that several drinks had to have been drunk by the revelers during all these hours.

This could, according to them, have contributed to the rapid escalation of the dispute.

“It is a blunder that has cost a lot of money, concluded Sophie Bélanger, eyes red from crying. If Maxim had called the police to the place, he would still be here today. “

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