A killer inmate will be entitled to outputs

Un tueur interné aura droit à des sorties

No offense to the parents of a young hockey enthusiast killed with hammer blows, the murderer is no longer considered “accused in high-risk,” and that he will now be able to benefit from the outputs.

“Although humanly and intimately affected by these incidents, [the court] cannot ignore the legal obligations that the law,” said judge Marc-André Blanchard in pursuant to the request of Francis Jutras in a judgment in which The Journal has obtained a copy.

Jutras, 39 years old, is a killer with the heavy psychiatric history that, in October 2015, felt invested with a “mission hammer” ordered by a “hacker” who lived in his head.

Armed, he took on three people chosen at random in the streets of Laval. One of the victims, the young hockey enthusiast 19-year-old François-Xavier Thompson, died under the blows of the murderer. Two other people were assaulted, but they have survived the attack.

Not criminally responsible

In 2017, Jutras had been declared not criminally responsible for the murder and two attempted murders. But the following year, he also received the label unenviable ” an accused high-risk “, which is reserved for the worst cases.

Only a handful of offenders in Canada are permitted to assume this status.

But two years later, Jutras believed that his particular status no longer had a place to be. His psychiatrist Frédéric Millaud shared this opinion, explaining that the treatments were working well and that the situation of the murderer had improved.

A criminologist and a psychologist have also claimed that according to them, Jutras represents a low risk of violence if he remains in an institutional setting, safe.


The victims of Jutras were not however of the same opinion.

“Are you ready to take the chance that he will make another victim ? Are you ready to live with that ? ” had said the mother of François-Xavier Thompson during his testimony to the court last week.

But even if the judge of the superior Court of Quebec is said to be sensitive to these testimonies, but that has not prevented to give effect to the request of Jutras.

“These statements do not allow you to put aside expert evidence has not been contradicted that clearly establishes that there is currently no possibility marked as Jutras will use violence to endanger the life or safety of others,” said the judge in his decision, which will allow the murderer to be an enlargement of conditions, including the requirement to have escorted trips.

If the Crown decides to appeal the decision, it has 30 days to do so.

The parents of François-Xavier Theberge did not wish to comment on, at this stage, the decision.

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