A labyrinth near Bishop’s

The routine has become a labyrinth near Bishop’s University.

Motorists who tried to avoid the traffic jams caused by the partial closure of the Highway 108 bridge did little to improve their lot by crossing the other side of the St. Francis to use St. Francis Street.

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Access to this street is blocked by municipal work forcing another detour on 800 meters by the way Moulton Hill to the street Atto … it also under construction! Traffic was slow and disheveled today in this residential cell through trucks, heavy machinery and pipes.

The City assures that the obstruction on St-Francis Street is only temporary and that this road will become fully functional by the end of the week.

Remember that St-Francis and Bowen streets are proposed as an alternative route to Sherbrooke during the construction period of the Highway 108 bridge. The complete closure of the structure is announced for May 22nd.

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