A lack of referees and courts

Baseball enjoyed a surge in popularity, but not at the referees it seems. At Baseball Sherbrooke, the number of players climbs again this season: from 437 to nearly 480. Which leads to a lack of referees and also land.
T kings new teams emerge in 2018: two in the atom and midget AA formation. It’s actually like that for a few years.

“We feel a general craze. The visit of the Jays Blues in Montreal and the rumors about the return of the Expos also helped. There was also a good increase in registrations last year, “says President Vincent Laroche.

Even if the salary is more than reasonable, Baseball Sherbrooke must appeal to everyone:

“We are having trouble recruiting new referees. However, the salary is $ 25 to $ 45 per game depending on the caliber. Often, we see players taking training and becoming referees. Even if the season starts soon, we can still organize training to be able to count on more referees this season, “said Denis Veilleux of Baseball Sherbrooke.

Since there are more games played from year to year, the available land is now scarce.

“We lost some ground with the rise of popularity of soccer and the recent craze of baseball, we must now give it back. It’s a problem. It is currently impossible to increase the number of players. However, we do not refuse registrations this year. Soon, we will exceed 500 players. It is important to adapt infrastructure, “says the president of Baseball Sherbrooke.

Soaked grounds

The baseball fields will be accessible from May 14 and the City of Sherbrooke hopes they will be in good condition at the launch of the season on May 20. All AA teams, now known as Expos, will be attending the opening game of the Sherbrooke Expos of the Quebec Major League Baseball League at the Amédée-Roy stadium.

“With the snow that has melted recently and the many rain showers, we will not make hiding places, we cross our fingers so that the grounds are beautiful. I am asked the question every day. The city seems hopefully optimistic, “says Vincent Laroche.

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