A Lamborghini new destroyed 20 minutes after his purchase

Une Lamborghini neuve détruite 20 minutes après son achat

A flaming Lamborghini has been severely damaged in an accident in England just 20 minutes after exiting the dealer.

Police in West Yorkshire have shared Wednesday, the photos of the car valued at not less than 200,000 pounds, or$ 330,000 in canadian who was rear-ended on a highway, reports the New York Daily News.

With the images shared on Twitter, the police explained that the car had stopped because of a mechanical problem. Another vehicle then collided with the car of luxury.

The owner of the Lamborghini has not been identified, while the driver of the other vehicle was injured in the head, but his injuries are not serious.

In his micromessage, the police wrote that, fortunately, it was only a car, but still used a hashtag implying that he would have started crying.

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