A laptop with a processor from the smartphone gave fantastic results

Impressive results showed the Snapdragon 8cx test compared to Intel Core i5

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:25

Ноутбук с процессором от смартфона выдал фантастические результаты

Snapdragon 8cx “overcame” Intel Core i5-8250U

Microsoft adapted its Windows 10 operating system under the architecture of the ARM processors used in mobile devices, e.g. smartphones. Now specially under it began to appear the first processors for the consumer market, which will run a special edition of the operating system from Microsoft. The first such chip was the 7-nanometer SoC 8cx Snapdragon (Snapdragon 8 Compute eXtreme) produced by Qualcomm.

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Many were concerned how powerful mobile processor, and whether it will compete with the latest chips from Intel for laptops. As shown by the tests, even as the ability. Manufacturer Qualcomm showed the results of your testing 8cx Snapdragon and Core i5 8250U benchmarks PCMark and 3DMark, which showed surprising results in favor of the “Dragon”.

Ноутбук с процессором от смартфона выдал фантастические результаты

Compare processors in daily tasks

In the standard test application performance Snapdragon 8cx haven’t conceded in speed to the Intel chip in some tests has won the first, others second. I wonder what ARM-processor with half the heat dissipation is able to provide an equal Core i5 8250U performance in everyday tasks. Moreover, in the graphics tests, Qualcomm has become a leader with a large margin in all tests the GPU.

Ноутбук с процессором от смартфона выдал фантастические результаты

Comparison tests in graphics applications

Particularly impressive are the tests of autonomy. While the performance of systems based on Snapdragon 8cx and Core i5-8250U generally similar, the time of battery operation for Project Limitless was about 1.5 times higher and ranged from 17 to 20 hours of active interaction with the system.

Ноутбук с процессором от смартфона выдал фантастические результаты

Tests the autonomy of the two processors – the gap is about 1.5 in favor of the Snapdragon

It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 8cx consists of eight 64-bit cores Kryo (7W TDP) and a video accelerator Adreno 680, in turn, the Intel chip is based on 10-nanometer process technology, got 4 cores at 1.60 GHz (TDP 15 W) and UHD graphics 620.

Ноутбук с процессором от смартфона выдал фантастические результаты

Notebook-transformer Lenovo Snapdragon 8cx

The first device on the Snapdragon 8cx will be the notebook-transformer Lenovo: it works in 5G networks, has modules Wi-Fi 802.11 ad, 802.11 ac Wave 2, 802.11 a/b/g and 802.11 n, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, and supports output to two external 4K screen. The new product will RAM LPDDR4x-2133, flash UFS 3.0 and USB 3.1 Type-C.

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At the moment, except Lenovo, none of the producers expressed the desire to use this chip. In addition, the company is in no hurry to disclose the details of your prospective 5G PC, so the information on pricing and availability dates yet. Nevertheless, the presented platform looks very promising, especially because another one of its strengths is the support of the wireless 5G for which in its composition provides the modem Snapdragon X55.

We will remind that earlier the latest processor from Huawei could overtake Samsung and iPhone. And last week, RAM has clocked up a record speed.

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