A large footbridge and new features expected at the Odysseum shopping center in Montpellier

A large footbridge and new features expected at the Odysseum shopping center in Montpellier

Les travaux ont démarré pour amorcer la future passerelle. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

En plus de nouvelles enseignes, la liaison entre les parties commerciales et ludiques sera revue.

In a few months, Odysseum will have changed its face. The big novelty ? Gone (or almost) are the two zones, fun and commercial, perfectly demarcated, with stairs as a border. The stairs will be demolished and a footbridge will be built to connect the two parts. On the high side, a food store will pay the price. At the bottom of this footbridge, in place of the old karting and bowling alley, it is no longer a secret, the arrival of Primark, Irish fashion giant, third world group behind Zara and H & M, announced at Odysseum since 2018, is finally coming to fruition.

Serge Blanco, Cabaïa, Foot Locker and Hugo Boss

What about the other brands ? The exchange of premises between Sauramps and Zara has already taken place… in part. If Zara is launched, the opening of Sauramps next to Darty is imminent. As is that of the Serge-Blanco brand, whose storefront is already in place.
Another new feature: Cabaïa bags, which arrived at Grand-Rue Jean-Moulin in the heart of Montpellier last November, will also be installed at Odysseum, in place of Guess. Other brands announced in the coming months: Foot Locker and Hugo Boss. Leading brands that portend a promising future for the outdoor shopping center, especially as the sunny days are back.

The pebble in the shoe: the hypermarket

The only stone in the shoe, and not the least: the Géant Casino hypermarket. If the cases of the group's large stores have been fixed at Prés-d’Arènes (which will pass Intermarché) and route de Ganges (taken over by Auchan), the future of the 20 000 m2 in question is not resolved. On this point, the Klépierre group, although manager of all of Odysseum's other premises, has no control. Since 2022, two real estate investment funds (the Parisian DTZ investors and the London-based AnaCap Financial Partners) have been the owners. And for now, nothing has filtered out on the final fate of this colossal landholding. The only certainty today: there are no crowds in the aisles.

Here comes Popeyes

Finally, on the fun side, the Italian Casa Inesa is no more. Work to accommodate Popeyes hamburgers, once located on Place de la Comédie, has started.

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