A large sum of money found on the ground returned to its owners

A large sum of money found on the ground returned to its owners


A Michigan woman was praised by local law enforcement after she returned a bag full of cash, which she found on the ground, on her way to work. 

Diane Gordon, who works at a supermarket in White Lake Township, found approximately $15,000 in cash in a plastic bag near a convenience store one evening on her way home . She has been doing all her travels on foot since her car broke down a year ago.

When she discovered the bag in question, she only thought of one thing.< /p>

“This bag does not belong to me, and I must call a police officer”, told Diane, in an interview with “Fox 2 Detroit”.

A police investigation allowed to trace the owners of the bag, two newlyweds from the region. In the bag, there were also gifts and cards belonging to them and it was indeed delivered to them, in person.

Although she could have decided to keep the money, Mrs. Gordon knew the right thing to do was to report her find. In fact, as police officers have indicated, buying a car would have been very beneficial for her in the long run.

“It never really crossed her mind to keep that money, said Lt. Matthew Ivory of the local police.

Living without a car means missing important events for Ms. Gordon. It is for this reason that a GoFundMe was initiated by the wife of one of the police officers to help him obtain a vehicle.

“Because we need more Diane in our world,” Mr. Ivory concluded.