A last good-bye to Norah and Romy Monday

Un dernier aurevoir à Norah et Romy lundi

The funeral of little Norah and Romy Carpentier, whose bodies have been found there are more than a week in the area of Saint-Apollinaire, will be celebrated Monday at Lévis.

The ceremony, which will be held at the funeral Complex, Claude Marcoux, will be in the presence of a maximum of fifty people and wearing a mask will be required, COVID-19 requires.

The father of two girls, Martin Carpentier, is still actively sought by the Sûreté du Québec, after eleven days of tracking unsuccessful.

The doors of the funeral home will open in the morning for the members of the family, and by noon, a limited number of loved ones will be welcomed.

Around 16: 00, the ceremony will be broadcast on screens to the outside of the facility to allow the public to attend the funeral.

“What we decided to do it is to first provide a period of condolences privately to the family and close friends so that they can find themselves in a bit of everything,” says Marie-Ève Garneau, director for operations of the Group Garneau, who owns the funeral Complex, Claude Marcoux.

“While Quebec as a whole is behind the family Lemieux, in reality, there are certain moments that must be experienced by them alone,” continues Ms. Garneau.

Remember that the funeral will be officiated by the director of Bereavement-Youth, Josée Masson, and will be accompanied by singer Mélissa Bédard, a spokesman for the organization.

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