A lawyer uses ChatGPT which invents court decisions

Lawyer uses ChatGPT to invent court decisions


A lawyer representing a man suing an airline company used artificial intelligence to prepare the court case, and it went wrong. 

Roberto Mata was suing the airline Avianca, arguing that he was injured in the knee by a piece of metal from the food cart during a flight to New York, according to the New York Times.

When Avianca asked a federal judge in Manhattan to dismiss the case, Mr. Mata's lawyers strongly opposed it, submitting a 10-page report and citing more than half a dozen court rulings. justice.

The problem: neither the airline's lawyers nor the judge himself were able to find these decisions or the quotes mentioned in the report. The reason: ChatGPT had made it all up.

The attorney responsible for this report, Steven A. Schwartz, admitted to using AI to do his research, “a source that turned out to be unreliable

Mr. Schwartz claimed that he did not intend to mislead the court, but that he had never used ChatGPT and was “unaware of the possibility that the content was false”. p>

He even asked the program to verify that the cases mentioned were real, and ChatGPT reportedly answered “Yes”.