A leader of the network Reddit application to be replaced by a black person

SAN FRANCISCO | Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the discussion platform Reddit, and husband of Serena Williams, has stepped down from the board Friday and asked the company to hire a candidate black to replace it.

“It was time to do what is right”, he said in a video posted on Twitter, while the United States is experiencing a wave of mobilization against racism after the death of George Floyd, asphyxiated by a white policeman.

The contractor added that his future dividends on the shares, Reddit would be put at the service of the black community, including “fighting racial hatred”.

He says he has taken this decision as a “father”, to be able to one day answer the question of his daughter (mulatto), when she asked him: “And you, what have you done?”.

The social network Reddit was founded 15 years ago, as a large forum, on the principle of the freedom of unbridled expression, without guard rails.

As the platforms dominant as Facebook or Twitter have tightened up their rules on content that is hateful, a part of the extreme american right has found itself on the platform of Reddit or 4chan.

But since about two years, Reddit has undertaken a big cleaning to get rid of the groups and users in so-called “toxic”.

According to the media specialist The Verge, the decision to Alexis Ohanian comes as moderators of some of the major communities of the platform have arrested Steve Huffman, the CEO and co-founder of Reddit, accusing it of not acting against racism, and some communities virulent as that of the supporters of Donald Trump.

Steve Huffman has indicated in a press release that the group would honor the request of Alexis Ohanian to replace it by a black person and that its teams had worked “to change the rules on the content which express hatred explicit”.

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