A leading role in the Whole life

Un premier rôle dans Toute la vie

Jemmy Echaquan Dubé has a career start to dream of many actors. After having her first role in tv unfortunate tendency to run away, the actress native will be one of the new main characters of the upcoming season of the Whole of life.

The public has discovered Jemmy Echaquan Dubé last year in the second season of unfortunate tendency to run away, under the guise of Daisy, a young prostitute aboriginal exiled to Montreal. It entrust also feel “all the days” the positive impact of the series in his personal life, but also to the community.

Filmmaker, feminist and activist, she has just landing another leading role, this time in the Whole life, where she will embody one of the six new girls admitted to the school, Mary Labrecque.

The thread of the second season, which will begin this fall, will revolve around the quest of this young girl native speaker, who arrives in town to meet her mother, it is no news following the announcement of a cancer of the brain.

All life have taken over.”>

The shooting of the Whole of life resumed.

The role

If Jemmy Echaquan Dubé at the age of 27, she embodies a character who is ten years younger than she is. “This is the age of my little sister, she said, laughing at the other end of the wire. But I’m still carter at the SAQ ! “

When she speaks about her character, Jemmy Echaquan Dubé mentions a daughter “loving, “” well-surrounded “, but that will need her mother at a crucial moment in his life. The actress comes from the atikamekw community, but his character is innu, and it will be called on to play a few scenes in this language.

Jemmy Echaquan Dubé is thrilled to be added to a team who reflect the diversity of the screen is at the heart of the concerns. “As soon as I looked at the Whole life, it struck me how there was diversity. I thought it was great that Danielle Trottier includes not only Aboriginal, but an Aboriginal who is the actual thread of the series. “

Diversity more than ever

If the diversity is reflected in all the projects of the author Danielle Trottier (Unit 9), it will be more in evidence than ever in this second season of the life. Not only there will be an Aboriginal person and his family, but also a young muslim girl, with whom the author will address the clash of cultures, and a young girl with a slight disability.

The anxiety, the confrontation with authority, low self-esteem and abandonment are part of the life of the new students of Mary Labrecque.

The second season of the series, which received five nominations to the Gemini, is immiscera more in the personal life of Christophe (Roy Dupuis), who will return with his mother and brother. These two new characters will be played by Micheline Lanctôt, and Jean-Nicolas Verreault.

Christophe (Roy Dupuis) will return with his parents.

“We’re going to better understand where this man comes, to have been able to develop skills of empathy human in spite of his past,” stresses Danielle Trottier.

We will see how Tina (Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc) will experience an unwanted pregnancy for the third time, and we will know from the first episode, if the baby Anaïs (Cassandra Latreille) is still living.

Marie-Chantal Perron, Brigitte Lafleur and Pierre-François Legendre, integrate the distribution of the second season.

Silence, on tourne

At the beginning of the pandemic, Danielle Trottier had almost completed the text of the first half of the season, a dozen episodes. But she had to do some rework because of the new shooting conditions related to the pandemic COVID-19.

“I’ve never been so re-read my texts “, she says.

Complex Situation

The situation is even more complicated since the filming of the Whole of life are outside, and not in a studio, where the environment can be more controlled. “But the story takes place in a school dedicated to it, and not a multipurpose where there are 3,000 students. It is already a small team, so it helps us, ” she said.

The shooting takes place “in the day-to-day,” says Jemmy Echaquan Dubé. “It is a routine to do. It is a lot of preparation. I think a lot to any team that has to deal with it. We, just need to acclimate. But let’s say it is different from the last shooting I have done. “

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