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Американский ведущий насмешил Сеть откровенным признанием

He does not wash his hands.

Leading Fox News Pete Hegseth said in a live broadcast that for 10 years doesn’t wash her hands because “germs are not real.” Later said and thought that his words will be perceived as a joke, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to hromadske.ua.

In the show Fox and Friends Hegseth said that infectious organisms are not, because they cannot be seen by the eye.

“I don’t see them and therefore they don’t exist,” said 38-year-old Hegseth.

In response, his colleagues laughed.

He also added that in 2019 he will speak in the air that says off the air – not the camera.

Twitter user Smittymhs supported host and wrote a post in which he noted that also doesn’t wash her hands – “and I don’t suffer from colds and flu for many years”. The host spread his post with the hashtag “not mine.”

Lawyer Bradley moss also joined the discussion and asked how would feel Hegseth, if the hands are not washed restaurant staff. Later, Hegseth said, expected that his words will be perceived as a joke, says the BBC.

“We live in a society where people are walking around with large bottles of Purell (hand sanitizer) in their pockets and they sanitize their hands 19 thousand times a day, if it will save their lives”, – said the presenter.

He added that takes care of itself, however, is not to focus on washing hands all the time.

He was also surprised by the reaction of people who, according to him, he took it all “literally and seriously.”

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