A Les Olivier Gala “representative of the community”

A Les Olivier Gala “representative of the community” < /p> UPDATE DAY

The Olivier organization claims to have presented a gala “which wanted to be representative of the community”, despite criticism of ageism, and a tribute to Jean Lapointe “with respect”, even if some l found much too short.

The 24th edition of the Gala Les Olivier was hailed for the work of its new host, Katherine Levac. But beyond the coronation of Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, it is the almost non-existent place of veterans of humor that has caused the most talk. 

“We will have to think about including all generations,” wrote MC Gilles on Twitter. Dany Turcotte spoke of the “contempt” of the new generation of comedians for the old one.

At the Association of Professionals of the Humor Industry (APIH), which organizes Les Olivier, we deny having discarded one generation in favor of another.

“Sometimes, we makes invitations and for all sorts of reasons, it does not work, mentions the director general of the APIH, Joanne Pouliot. There are some who cannot participate in the gala for questions of schedule availability. Others don't want to give themselves the pressure of having to memorize a text that will only be used once.”

“At the start of production, we think about diversity in all its forms. There are years when we see more veterans and fewer young people. This year, it's going like that.”

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Not offended

The director names Patrick Huard, Pierre Brassard and Guy Jodoin as older comedians who participated in the gala on Sunday. “We can't say there were none.”

One of the comedians of the old guard “targeted” in the issue of Virginie Fortin and Arnaud Soly, Maxim Martin told the Journal that he was not offended by the jokes made about him, even though he had not yet seen the gala.

“Leather pants, we ourselves laughed at that. They all went to cash, those who wore it. […] We know what it is, the Les Olivier gala is a roast [well-cooked]. […] Twenty years ago, society in general was different. If you do a gala, it's normal to do gags. But above all, we must emphasize the evolution.”

A place for tributes

As for the tribute reserved for Jean Lapointe during the gala, which lasted less than a minute, Joanne Pouliot replied that “it was agreed with his estate and it was fine for them, it was done with respect . When we compare this segment to that of other galas which present 22 [deceased artists] in two minutes, I think we still did things well.”

Sunday afternoon, in the At the industry gala, the APIH also paid tribute to Dominique Michel by presenting him with the Olivier Merci pour tout. Could this award have been presented to him during the televised gala in the evening?

Prizes that look like tributes “are no longer possible in galas” since the broadcaster Radio-Canada decided to reduce the duration of the ceremonies from 2h30 to 2h, explains Joanne Pouliot. 

Since its creation in 2018, the Olivier Merci pour tout was awarded to Yvon Deschamps, Jean Lapointe and Martin Matte each time during the off-air gala. “It was designed with that in mind, let it be a great part of our Industry Gala.”

“It was okay for Dominique [Michel] because she is 90 years old, continues the producer. She came to receive her prize and left immediately afterwards. Attending a two-hour show [in the evening] was demanding for her.”

Festive atmosphere

Joanne Pouliot says she takes a great pride in having started the gala on Sunday evening with a festive atmosphere and a unifying mode. “We are coming out of two years of galas in COVID mode and we were not at all in that spirit.”

The audience ratings – 834,500 spectators watched the gala – also delight the organizers. “[They] make us very confident for the future and to celebrate our 25th next year.”

After several changes of animator in recent years, Les Olivier could they have found their long-term entertainer with Katherine Levac? “We are going to start talking about it with the people concerned before revealing it publicly, replies the director. But it is sure that we come out of a very positive experience with her.