“A little flabby” Regina Todorenko complained about her figure

The presenter noted that the husband told her to retouch the photo

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"Еще немного дряблая": Регина Тодоренко пожаловалась на свою фигуру

Regina Todorenko

Presenter Regina todorenko first became a mother in December last year. After a few months since the birth of their son Vlad Topalov celebrity has managed to publish several photos in a swimsuit, showing a trim figure. However, Regina, similar yet not exactly happy with my form:

“Still a bit flabby , but striving for success mother. If you knew what the hand wanted to retouch thighs, like a finger trembled at the sight of excess fat on the sides, still and all finished off the last post with a perfect figure of Anna Sedokova. But the words of her husband, “I love you anyway” I stopped my wandering hands. Let each of us be the man who bears for us the most beautiful emotions in the world, the most good in the World feeling unconditional love,” wrote Todorenko.

"Еще немного дряблая": Регина Тодоренко пожаловалась на свою фигуру

Regina Todorenko

In review subscribers Regina noted that, as for the recently born girl, she looks just fine. But the most pleasant review is likely to become the words of the husband of Regina – Vlad Topalov. The singer called the wife the “most beautiful woman in the world” and also noted that he was “in awe of her body and figure.”

Recall, Vlad Topalov got in an accident. We also reported that Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov appeared on the red carpet in Moscow.

Jamal shared a rare photo in bikini watch the video:

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