A little girl of 3 years succumbs to the COVID in Belgium

Une fillette de 3 ans succombe à la COVID en Belgique

Brussels | A little girl of three years died from the COVID-19 there are a few days in Belgium, announced Friday the health authorities, belgian, stating that the child had several underlying diseases.

It is the youngest known victim in the country. “This news affects us all deeply, whether as a scientist or as a parent,” said Boudewijn Catry, a spokesman for the health authorities of this country, which is experiencing a recent upsurge in cases.

“On average, three people die every day, including recently a person 18 years of age”, he added at a press conference, acknowledging that the deaths of young people were “rare”.

A child 12 years of age had succumbed to the virus last march.

Belgium, which has 64 847 cases of COVID-19 and 9812 death, is experiencing a rise in contamination.

The number of new infections during the period from 14 to 20 July has increased by 89% compared to the previous week. The increase is observed in all provinces, with the exception of walloon Brabant.

On average, during the last week, 220,6 new cases per day have been diagnosed.

The increase affects all age groups but is more pronounced in the active population (under 60 years of age): it represents 85% of all cases diagnosed this last week, according to the health authorities.

In the Face of this increase, the first minister Sophie Wilmès announced the strengthening of measures of protection: wearing a mask is now mandatory in ” any place is high traffic “, such as markets, antique markets, shopping streets, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The mask was already mandatory since 11 July in public transport, shops, cinemas, places of worship or museums and libraries.

The areas of “high traffic” where the mask should now be worn shall be determined by the local authorities.

Belgium is one of the countries with the largest number of dead from the COVID-19 relative to its population, with 85 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants.

The census by the belgian authorities, of the dead of the coronavirus is one of the most comprehensive in the world since are integrated into the deaths possibly linked to the virus without it having been proven by a test.

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