A loaded weapon in the bag of a 5-year-old child

A loaded gun in a 5-year-old's bag< /p> and QMI MISE Agency À DAY

A teacher made a startling discovery while giving a student a thumbs up. 

A loaded gun was found by chance in the bag of a 5-year-old at Principia Lower School in Town and Country, Missouri. Police have opened an investigation. 

It appears that a teacher was helping the young student at around 8:45 a.m. Friday in an empty classroom when he found the gun. Quickly, the staff took the bag from him and handed it to the police. No one was harmed.

“We wanted our parents to know that there was never a threat or risk to any of our students or members of the community,” said director Merry Sorrells. She assures that everyone in the school has been informed of the incident. 

It seems that the parents of the child have been cooperative with the school management throughout of the day.

Town and Country Police Chief James Cavins advises that the Division of Family Services is involved in the investigation. Investigators believe the 5-year-old who brought the gun to school had no “intent”, that it was done “inadvertently”. 

He didn't At this stage of the investigation, there would be no negligence on the part of the student's parents, according to Chief Cavins. He encourages all parents to make sure firearms are safe in their homes.