A look at survivor syndrome

A look at survivor syndrome

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After publishing Three awakenings , a first novel that made the list preliminary of the Prix littéraire France-Québec 2021, the harpsichordist and communicator Catherine Perrin proposes The age of accidents . This highly sensitive work of fiction, imagined from a tragedy, explores survivor syndrome, the impact of stress on people's lives, as well as intergenerational and intercultural alliances.

Patricia, a well-established science journalist, in a solid relationship with a man who complements her well, on good terms with her two children, believed she had built up reliable certainties. & Nbsp;

But a terrible accident occurs : his daughter, Jasmine, a doctor, barely survives the collapse of a viaduct. She also witnesses live, in addition, the incompetence of the authorities to prevent the worst and prevent the structure from crashing into a school bus.

From this tragedy, everything changes, both in Jasmine's life and in that of Patricia. The mother-daughter relationship changes, the dynamics are reversed. Patricia does not know what to say to her daughter, who is shattered from the inside.

Learning to let go

Catherine Perrin talks about the impact stress in people's lives and describes what Survivor Syndrome is in this heartwarming, beautifully written piece of fiction. & nbsp;

She had previously explored similar topics for her work as a radio host, but had never mentioned an overpass. She did her research. “I consulted an engineer who drew me a drawing of the three phases of the viaduct collapse. I don't want to do a doctoral thesis, but I want it to be believable. “

Writing on difficult topics like conflict of loyalty and post-traumatic stress has been demanding. & nbsp;

“When you have to put yourself in the shoes of a mother going through this, it's not relaxing. But what was really the key to me was that I am not a naturally dark person. Strangely enough, I have been a lot darker as a child, teenager, or adult. As soon as I was more in control of my life, I always transferred my anxiety into action. & Nbsp; “

” & nbsp; It seems like writing is doing that to me, too. Yes, it makes me go through this anxiety that I'm talking about, but at the same time, to get it out while writing, it's like I'm transferring it onto something else. & Nbsp; “& nbsp;

Catherine Perrin likes the character of Patricia to learn to let go. “& Nbsp; What I liked to make her live is this letting go, quietly, both for her job and for the fact that she must accept the limits that her daughter puts in relation to her and still keep a good connection with her. These are the things that made his career interesting. “

Is Patricia his alter ego? “It's not self-fiction, that's for sure. But there are a bunch of things Patricia talks about that concern me. The way she interacts with her children is also like me … but they are not my children. But there are things that are intimately linked to my experience of being a mother. & Nbsp; “

  • Catherine Perrin is a harpsichordist and communicator.
  • The Age of Accidents is his second novel.
  • His first work of fiction, Three awakenings , was on the preliminary list for the Prix littéraire France-Québec 2021.
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