A lottery with cards ghosts

Une loterie avec des cartes fantômes

Alexis Lafrenière still has a chance mathematical to wear the uniform of the Canadian. But to stir up again the dream, the CH will need to undergo the elimination to its qualifying round (3 of 5) against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Gary Bettman not only confirmed his plan of a return to the game in a playoff with 24 teams. The commissioner of the NHL also unveiled the main lines of the next lottery for the draft. A lottery could be done in two phases. The first phase will take place on 26 June.

The image of the past few years, 15 teams will be eligible for the three different lotteries, that is, the three first choices in the draft.

The seven training courses that do not participate in the new formula of the series will find themselves automatically in the abacus : the Detroit Red Wings, the Ottawa Senators, the Sharks of San Jose (a choice that belongs to the Senators), the Los Angeles Kings, the Ducks of Anaheim, the New Jersey Devils and the Sabres of Buffalo.

The Wings, 31es in the standings of the NHL, will have 18.5% of chances to get the first choice. The Senators will also have a very high percentage to 25 % (13.5% for their own choice, and 11.5% for the choice of the Sharks).

Lose to stay in the abacus

The eight teams that will fall in the first round of the series, they will also get the opportunity to win one of three prints. For the first phase, these teams ghosts will be identified by letters (group A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H).

In the event that one of these eight teams won one of the three prints, the NHL will proceed to phase 2 of its lottery. In it, the eight teams eliminated during qualification rounds will have an equal chance, therefore, of 12.5 % to be assigned this rank of selection.

Thus, in the case of a surprise victory against the tape to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, the Canadian would say goodbye to his chances of winning the lottery. Meanwhile, the Penguins find themselves with opportunities in mathematics to add a young player of talent to their training.

The same principle will apply to the other seven matchups in the qualifying round. The training eliminated may dream of winning the lottery, while those who pass to the next round will fight for the Stanley cup.

The repechage after the series

The first phase of the lottery will be held on June 26, before the opening of the camps and the resumption of the activities. The second phase of the lottery, if necessary, would be held between the qualifying round and the first formal round of the playoffs.

The leaders of the NHL were finally repulsed with the idea of holding the last chance before the series.

“There have been many debates surrounding the possibility of moving the draft out prior to the resumption of activities,” said Bill Daly, the deputy of Bettman. We thought that we had a window acceptable to do so. But every problem that we bring to the table, there was never a consensus that is very strong. “

Lottery NHL draft

Cards ghosts

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