A lover of horses died by hitting a moose

Une amoureuse des chevaux périt en frappant un orignal

Relatives of a young woman of 18 years died last Thursday when his vehicle struck a moose during the night to launch a cry from the heart, and hope to raise the awareness of the population to be extra cautious on the roads.

“It is important to be careful in the evenings and slow down when one travels near wooded areas,” recalls Cheryl Donis, still shaken by the death of his friend Alysson Beaudoin.

The young woman of 18 years was killed just before midnight Thursday on highway 108, Saint-Romain, in Estrie, in a collision with a moose.

Probably surprised by the animal in the darkness, she had no chance. The emergency services have had to use the clamp of extrication to remove the body of the young woman who had just finished his shift.

“It is necessary that young people are more careful on the roads when they walk the night “, confirms Christian Bouffard, co-owner of the Farm of the Cabouron, where the victim had been working for about five weeks.

Full of life

“She did the milking of animals and had put on her time sheet that she had finished at 23: 30. The police came knocking at our door a few hours later to tell us that she had had an accident, ” said with emotion, Mr. Bouffard.

Alysson Beaudoin had celebrated her 18th birthday at the end of may, and had obtained his license last spring. Relatives ensure that she didn’t like the party-despite his young age.

“It was her case and had provided a car to meet their professional obligations “, informed Mr. Bouffard.

“She was a ray of sunshine and always happy to see you,” says Audrey Paquette.

Owner of a stable

Even if she was staying in Lac-Mégantic, she had bought a stable with his mother, in his hometown, in the Outaouais region.

“She was very active in the equestrian world and he happened to work for several stables at once, emphasises his girlfriend Sophie Lemieux. It was a ball of joy to live and appreciated by all. What happened to him is a real tragedy and it will leave a great void “.

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