A major cybersecurity event in Montreal in November

A major cybersecurity event in Montreal in November


Montreal will host the International Cybersecurity Forum (ICF), a marquee event in Europe next November.

The forum scheduled for the first time in North America Nord will take place on November 1 and 2 and will welcome hundreds of experts in the field.

“Montreal, a veritable hub of innovation and Tech in North America and benefiting from a position ideal geographical location, is the natural meeting point for experts and international institutional players,” said the organizers of the event in a press release published on Tuesday.

Combining three different formulas, hundreds of experts Canadians, Americans and Europeans will be invited to conferences. They will notably discuss topics such as cybersecurity, digital identity, artificial intelligence, quantum and cloud computing.

“Representatives of sectors of vital importance such as energy, finance and transportation, three levels of government, legislation, policy and regulation, information technology, education, research and telecommunications [are also expected],” he added. also indicated.

The five thematic pillars of the programming:

  • Fight against digital crimes
  • Security and resilience of critical infrastructures
  • Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty policies
  • Digital future and preparation for the future
  • Protection of content and intellectual property on the Internet