A man agrees to have a young girl killed for $15.

Man agrees to have a girl killed for $15


A 57-year-old man has been charged with attempting to kill a young girl by hiring a hitman in the United States, True Crime Daily reported .

Between May and November 2021, Armando Conceicao allegedly contacted another person named “Individual 1” to ask him to kill the 13-year-old girl.

The two would have met in New Jersey in May 2021, where Mr. Conceicao would have given him the address as well as the photo of the girl living in Texas.

Afterwards, Armando Conceicao reportedly paid the individual to travel to the state where the teenager resides. “Individual 1” would have stayed there for a week, the time to take pictures of the house and the car of the girl's father.

When he returned, Mr. Conceicao would have encouraged him to continue their purpose.

In November, the two met again to discuss their plans.

“Individual 1” allegedly mentioned to Armando Conceicao that he knew a “guy” who could act for only “15 or 10 dollars, and the problem would be solved”, one reads in the documents of court.

Conceicao would have accepted. During their meeting, “Individual 1” allegedly told him: “If we kill a little girl, it's only a person”.

The link between the 57-year-old man and the young girl is still unclear.

If Armando Conceicao were convicted, he could be imprisoned for 10 years and have to pay $250,000.