A man dies during a police operation in Sherbrooke : the EIB opened an investigation

Un homme meurt lors d’une opération policière à Sherbrooke : le BEI ouvre une enquête

SHERBROOKE – An independent investigation has been opened to shed light on a police operation that resulted in the death of a man in Sherbrooke early Saturday morning.

According to information provided by the Office of the independent surveys (EIB), it all began when the police Department of the City of Sherbrooke, has been called to intervene in an altercation between two men before one starts. It was 6: 15.

“The police arrived on the scene, one of the men would have fled, said the EIB in a statement. One of the police officers pursued and caught up with the man. The officer then allegedly used his bottle of Cayenne pepper to the master. Once mastered, the man would have lost consciousness. The man would have been transported to a hospital where his death was discovered around 11: 36.”

The deceased is a man aged 33 years.

The investigation of the EIB on this event will be conducted by eight investigators. The Sûreté du Québec act as a body of police support in this investigation, has indicated the EIB, adding that it will provide a technician in forensic identification.

The EIB request to those who have witnessed the event to contact him via his web site (www.bei.gouv.qc.ca).

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