A man escaped from prison thanks to the sheet

The pole managed to climb over a wall near a correctional facility

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Мужчина сбежал из тюрьмы благодаря простыне

The pole escaped from prison in Italy on a rope out of bed sheets

32-year-old Polish citizen Robert Lisowski, suspect in the murder managed to escape from prison Poggioreale in the Italian city of Naples. City police began searching for the fugitive and distributed his photos. Train station and bus stop taken under special observation. It is reported by news Agency ANSA.

As the local media, before the escape, he visited a service in the prison Church, which in addition it was attended by about 200 people. Apparently, he managed to quietly separate from rest of prison officers led the prisoners back to the camera. The prisoner managed to climb over a wall near the correctional facility using an improvised rope of sheets.

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Poggioreale prison is the most overcrowded prison in Western Europe. In 2014, Agence France-Presse wrote that the premises can accommodate 1,400 prisoners, contains 600 people more.

Recall that in September at least 105 detainees escaped from a prison in the Brazilian city of joão Pessoa state of paraíba. Besides, journalists told about the reasons that trigger riots in the Ukrainian colonies.

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