A man grabbed the breast of Pugachev, on the racy photos diva learned immediately

Киркоров схватил за грудь Пугачеву, на пикантном фото примадонну узнали не сразу

Philip, photos instagram.com/fkirkorov/

today, 08:41

Even after divorce the stars of Russian pop singers Filipp Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva manage to maintain a good relationship. Actor even his daughter Alla-Victoria in honor of her called. While until recently few people knew how these relations are intimate.

So, Instagram came spicy the former spouses, where the intimate hugs Kirkorov Alla Borisovna for her Breasts. By the way, the action takes place not somewhere on the sidelines, and on the stage.

“Is this Allah?”, “It is not Pugachev”, “Yes, of course, is not Allah!”, “I think it’s not the actress, just like her woman, And I think that it is not Alla, but just like her,” say the users of the network.

However, some members were too attentive.

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“This is Alla, because she has a pendant very expensive, given to Philip,” wrote in the comments under the photo.

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Recall that in the network appeared the photo of a man with a bald spot, which is very similar to the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov.

As reported by the portal Znayu Kirkorov became a priest and surrounded himself with dissolute nuns.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the king of Russian pop Kirkorov took over the guard at the ceremony “Oscar”.

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