A man hit by ball in Hampstead

Un homme atteint par balle à Hampstead

HAMPSTEAD | A man in his twenties has been reached by a bullet Saturday, at Hampstead, in the west of the island of Montreal.

The police department of the district has received a call from a witness to the scene at around 11: 30. Three men in an SUV have parked their vehicle at the intersection of Netherwood and Fallbrook. It was then that one of the individuals posted on the back seat would have made fire, said Montreal police.

The suspects then fled on foot in the direction of Fleet street. Hit in the upper body, the victim has been transported to the health facility nearest you. It does concern not for his life. There would be no other wounded.

The police officers of the police Department of the City of Montreal have for the moment closed to traffic, and the space between the streets, Fleet, and Colchester.

Investigators have been dispatched on the spot to analyze the scene and examine witnesses.

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